Saturday, 10 March 2012

Hereafter - Tara Hudson (2011)

I bought this because I was in a rush and wanted something new to read. Out of all the books I've read, this one sits very low on the list. It's boring, repetitive, unrealistic and cliché.

I don't recommend this. I don't understand how Harry Potter was hard to publish, yet this has Book 2 out next year.

Amelia is dead. Eli is trying to recruit her soul, so she can help him get other souls to join the underworld. Amelia saves the life of a boy called Josh and now he can See her. The two fall in love, except Josh's grandmother is a Seer and plans to exorcise Amelia. Eli really wants Amelia, so he sets up Josh's sister Jillian's death the same way he planned Amelia's. A party is on an unused bridge, he puts demons inside Jillian's friends so they push her off the bridge. Amelia saves Jillian, but Jillian refuses her existence, even though she can now See her.

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