Thursday, 1 March 2012

Forever... - Judy Blume (1975)

I don't even remember why I wanted to read this. I did love other Judy Blume books as a twelve-year-old (like Deenie and Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.) She writes really well, but only, I think, for the specified audience. This book was a bit tweeny for me. It was published in the seventies, and was very controversial, being as it is a young adult book that deals with sex.  Goodness knows, parents couldn't have their teenage daughters learning about contraception and STI's. It is also number seven on American Library Association 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990–2000.

This book was kinda depressing. The guy pressures the girl into having sex and the girl falls for someone else after promising "forever." I guess it is realistic and tries to ease the idea that relationships and love is perfect. I do love a good the-boy-doesn't-get-the-girl ending, but the rest of the story wasn't happy enough to compensate. The most hilarious part is that the hero names his penis Ralph.

Katherine meets Michael. They hit it off and see each other every weekend. They and another couple - Artie and Erica - are always hanging out together. Michael is ready to have sex with Katherine, but Katherine isn't ready. Katherine's parents are worried that Katherine is spending too much time with one boy and thinks she should date other people too. Eventually they have sex, but it isn't perfect or what Katherine was hoping for. Artie tries to hang himself and this is hard on the rest of the group. Katherine's parents force her to work at a summer camp and Michael gets a summer job. They write letters to each other every day, but Katherine is beginning to fall for Theo, a guy who works at the camp with her. Michael visits and Katherine tells him about her Theo and they break up. They see each other once more and they realise they were happy to have some good times together. 

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