Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Perfect Match - Jodi Picoult (2002)

I read it again because I love it. What would you do if your 5 year old son was abused, and the only way his abuser could be brought to justice was if your son testified? Having to face the man who hurt him in front of a room of people staring at him? Picoult is good at finding a question with no reasonable answer.

If you like Picoult, read this one. It's one of the best and keeps you interested for the entirety of the story.

Nina Frost is a lawyer who works with victims of child abuse. When her own son is abused by their local priest, Nina takes the law into her own hands because she knows the system isn't keyed to benefit the victim. She shoots the priest and is imprisoned. Further medical reports show that she shot the wrong man. A one in seven billion chance, he had cancer and his blood was that of someone else's. A visiting priest had abused Nathaniel. Nina's husband Caleb is disgusted and Nina cheats on him with her best friend. When the trial for the real paedophile begins, the priest is found dead. Turns out Caleb poisoned him.


  1. The new book out by Jodi Picoult is all I was hoping for and more. The writing is exquisite, layered in textures presented from several points of view, including that of a five year old child, and unfortunately in this case, pertinent to the world around us. I don t think this woman can write a bad book and her subject matter always touches on the relevant subjects of the day.

  2. This book is ten years old, so it's not quite new. She does have Lone Wolf, which was released only last month. I do love how Nathaniel, a five year old is given such strong input. However I disagree - I do not like all of her books, for example, Mercy. I do like she chooses subjects that are controversial and heart-wrenching.