Thursday, 5 January 2012

Homecoming - Cathy Kelly (2010)

I bought this because it was "1 of the 100 books you should read" at Dymocks. Pffft, mistake. I kept reading despite my lack of interest in the hope that it would improve. I can't even think up a substantial post to talk about this book, it is that lacklustre.

I really don't like this book. It's predictable, boring and cliché. Not even a beach-worthy read. You'd find more fun in reading the ingredients on a shampoo bottle.

Eleanor returns to her hometown of Ireland after her husband dies. She meets Connie, a 39-year-old teacher, with no man in her life, who falls in love with the man next door and his young daughter. Eleanor also helps Megan, an famous actress in hiding after being uncovered as the homewerecker of one of LA's few longstanding marriages. Then there's Rae, a cafe-owner, mother, wife and charity-worker with a big secret. As a teenager living in an abusive household, Rae fell pregnant and adopted her daughter out. Now her daughter has contacted her and Rae has to finally tell her husband. Eleanor becomes involved in the lives of Connie, Megan and Rae and uses her psychoanalyst background to help them make the right choices.

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