Friday, 27 January 2012

Birthmarked - Caragh O'Brien (2010)

I bought this because I couldn't find anything else and I had a voucher. Clare seemed certain that it was going to be good. It sounded like the sort of dystopian fiction that we like. But unfortunately it didn't live up to expectations. The 'code' that the main character Gaia had was actually just a lame 'freckle' tattoo that her mother put on all the babies she delivered and the romance was predictable. I will give the author credit for the unforeseen curveballs thrown in at the end.

Not a huge fan, so I wouldn't recommend you go out and but it. However it isn't terrible and I can see a lot of similiarities between Birthmarked and The Hunger Games (which I didn't adore like just about everyone.. don't shoot me!)

Gaia is a sixteen-year-old midwife, who has to give a certain amount of babies every month to the Enclave - the people inside the wall. When her parents are taken away for 'questioning' never to return, Gaia starts to question everything. The Enclave have begun to panic, the gene pool is so small and the parents are anonymous, genetic diseases like haemophilia are running rampant. Gaia reliases her parents have left her a code that identifies the babies her mother delivered, when they were born and who their parents are. The Enclave suspects her, and she gets help to go under the wall and try to rescue her parents. She saves a baby from the body of a hanged woman and is then wanted by officals. She falls in love with Leon, the Protectorat;s son (who actaully came form outside the wall) who helps her as best he can. She finds her mother as a political prisoner, pregnant. They escape, but her mother goes into labour and bleeds out. Gaia and Leon try to escape with the bay, but at the last moment Leon sacrifucces himself, so Gaia and her new sister have the chance to live in the unchartered forest.

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