Friday, 2 December 2011

Vanished - Danielle Steel (1993)

My mum picked this up for me secondhand. It's typical Danielle Steel, but it seems very personal and she did lose one of her own children. It's set in the 40s and doesn't seem very carefully researched. She constantly asserts the attributes of her characters instead of using dialogue or actions to allow the characteristics to be inferred by the reader.

I don't like this book. It has very little substance and drags on a lot. I don't recommend the book. But in saying that, I still like some of her other work.

Marielle married young and her toddler, Andre, drowned and later the same day she miscarried her daughter. This left her and her husband Charles devastated. She was in a sanatorium for two years and attempted suicide continuously. Years later, she has now married well to a wealthy Malcolm Patterson, and has a four-year-old, Teddy. Teddy is kidnapped, and Charles is the immediate suspect. Teddy's pyjamas are then found at Charles' house. A trial ensues and a search for Teddy. Charles is about to be convicted, and then Teddy is found. Malcolm was trying to spirit him away to Germany where his mistress and secretary could then adopt him and raise him as their son.

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