Thursday, 15 December 2011

Trail Ride - Bonnie Bryant (2001)

I read this because I was going through my books and I remembered how much I loved this particular Saddle Club book as a six-year-old (I was obsessed, I may or may not own the entire series.) It took me about half an hour, being as it has 150 pages and 16pt font. When I did some research on this book, I found out that that author, Bonnie Bryant, had several ghost writers and wrote less than forty of the 101 books in the series.
Childhood ruined.

It is a children's book, and considering, I would recommend you give this to your ten-year-old daughter instead of caving and buying that pony she wants. It uses simple language and is very repetitive. Although by reading the series you will gain learn a lot about horses.

Lisa, Carole and Stevie are invited to their friend Kate's horse ranch. Stevie is not allowed to go as it conflicts with her cousin's wedding. Kate has lots of adventures planned and the girls downplay their fun in their emails to Stevie. Lisa, Carole and Kate go to a waterfall and go swimming with their horses. At the rehearsal dinner, Stevie finds horses and befriends the boy next door who owns them. Kate also takes the pair to an archaeological dig on the ranch, but ends the day very unwell and is bed-ridden.

Lisa and Carole ride their horses out to see a meteor shower, when Carole starts seizing. Lisa goes for help and finds poachers stealing the finds from the dig. They see her and chase her and her horse jumps over a cliff, and she is left for dead. At the wedding, Stevie ventures outside, and saves one of the horses lives by fashioning a makeshift torniquet. Lisa guides the horse on a narrow trail down the cliff and gets back to the ranch and saves Carole.Turns out, Carole and Kate contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from tick bites they got at the waterfall pool.

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