Thursday, 22 December 2011

My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Picoult (2004)

I love this book, so I couldn't resist reading it again. It just sits on my bookshelf begging for me it read it again.   I know lots of people who aren't Picoult fans, but everyone's different and I love her books, especially the compelling subjects she always chooses to write about.

An easy five stars. It's heartbreaking, and as per usual of Picoult novels, it presents an impossible choice. One daughter is dying of kidney failure and the other refuses to donate her compatible kidney. 

Anna was genetically engineered to save her sister, Kate. Kate is currently dying of kidney failure as a result of her leukaemia treatment. Anna does not want to donate her kidney, and finds a lawyer called Campbell to help her sue for medical emancipation. This tears the family apart. Their mother, Sara cannot believe that Anna is choosing to end her sister's life. Anna moves out to the fire station with her father to get some thinking space. A court case ensues, and Anna reveals that Kate asked her to help her kill herself and that is why she won't donate her kidney. Anna's lawyer is awarded medical power of attorney for Anna. In the car ride home, Anna is killed but Campbell chooses to give Anna's kidney to Kate. Six years on, the family stil feels the loss of Anna, but Kate has been in remission ever since the transplant

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