Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Airman - Eoin Colfer (2008)

I read this because my co-blogger lent it to me. I love the way Eoin Colfer writes (Some good reads of his are; the Supernaturalist, The Wish List and the Artemis Fowl series) I liked this book, but perhaps I'm a little to old and a little too female to fall head over heels for it. I can see how the 12-year-old tomboy me would have woshipped the shelf this book sat on. There is a fair amount of technical language in this book which may be a slight failing of the story.

All in all, a good read. A very believable and motivated hero. This book would actually make quite a good movie. It's nice to read something other than assigned texts.

Click here for Clare Bear's plot summary.

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