Sunday, 4 September 2011

What Happened to Goodbye - Sarah Dessen (2011)

I loved Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, so I figured picking up her latest novel would be a good decision. Dessen always uses a female protagonist who has some sort of past issue/s they need to overcome. Also she gets characters from other novels to make cameos, which I really like. Her plotlines may not be super exciting but the characters always stick with you.

I liked this, maybe try some of her older stuff to get a feel for the way she writes before tackling this one.

Mclean is named after a famous basketball coach who coached that her dad loves. Well, he used to love until his wife shacked up with the new coach. Since Mclean's parents divorce, and Mclean moves around with her dad, who works to resurrect dying restuarants, every six months. Each move she invents a new version of herself. Eliza, Lizbet, Beth and now Liz. When she gets to her newest move, she decides to be Liz, but that plan fails when she blurts out her real name to her neighbour, Dave. Her mother is the bane of her existence, always trying to talk to her or to get her to come over for visits. Mclean makes some new friends and begins to fall for Dave. She then finds out that her dad is up for a new assignment - in Hawaii. She goes to see her friends, who she finds looking her up online with her email and finding five versions of her and they confront her. She runs out. She stays with her mum and then runs away again and calls Dave crying. Her parents turn up and they all resolve her problems. She is to move back with her mum while her dad goes to Hawaii. She faces her friends who are sad to have her leaving, but then when it is time for her to leave, her mum can't go through with it and Mclean stays with her friends, to graduate in a place she finally calls home.


  1. Sarah Dessen is a life changing author who no matter how many books she writes she always find new ways to touch my life and make me a better person. What Happened to Goodbye is her latest addition to the books that touch the lives of so many teenagers. Its about finding yourself and finding love even when things or people stand in your way. Worth every penny and amazing on all 403 pages. Must read. Even if you don't like to read it's great and you wont be able to put it down. She finds a way to connect to everyone of her readers who are going through so many different things in their lives.

    1. I do love Sarah Dessen, but 'What Happened to Goodbye' was not a favourite of mine. It was hard to relate to the characters and wasn't as engaging as her previous books.