Friday, 22 July 2011

Token of Darkness - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (2010)

This was on the flipside of Persistence of Memory. Amelia Atwater-Rhodes actually had her first novel published when she was fourteen. Her Kiesha'ra series was well-received, I haven't read it but I don't think Token of Darkness steps up to the mark in comparison.

I don't like this book. It's a personal thing, maybe I need to adjust to the author, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Cooper Blake nearly died in an accident a few months ago. Since then, a ghost named Samantha has been with him and he's the only person who can see her and help her find out who she was. A boy named Brent who is a telepath recognises the shadows and power around Cooper and briefly sees Samantha. He refers Cooper to his mentor, Ryan. But Ryan refuses to let Samantha into his residence. He claims there is no such things as ghosts and Samantha is one of the shadows and is trying to feed off Cooper and those around him. Cooper continues to believe in Samantha. A young sorcerer name Delilah who goes to Cooper's school tries to take Samantha's power for herself and is nearly killed in the process. Ryan is furious as his friend Margaret is brain-dead from trying the same thing. Delilah ends up in Margaret's body. Then Samantha takes Brent's body. It is revealed that Margaret made Samantha in the image of her sister with the energy she summoned. Finally, Cooper convinces her to take Margaret's body and return Brent to his own body.

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