Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Safe Harbour - Danielle Steel (2003)

I picked this one up at Vinnie's. Danielle Steel is a renowned romance writer. I've also read Sisters and Full Circle, both of which I loved to pieces but this book does not meet the same standards. It doesn't let you relate to the characters well or have an especially compelling storyline.

So, not going to recommend this book, but I still like the author. It isn't badly written  - just predictable. If you want something easy to tide you over or a beach read then go for it.

This is the story of a widow and her daughter, whose husband and bipolar son have just died in a plane crash. The widow Ophelie, struggles to move on  and her daughter Pip has to cope with her own grief and the loss of her mother. They stay at a beach house where Pip wanders the beach while her mother cries all day. Pip befriends a man called Matt and walks to talk to him on the beach every day. When Ophelie finds out she immediately assumes he is a paedophile. Eventually her friend Andrea and Pip convince her of Matt's good heart. Pip and Ophelie return home and form a fast friendship with Matt. Ophelie denies any potential of a relationship with Matt as she still feels married to her husband. Matt is divorced and his ex-wife told him that their two kids no longer want to hear from him. Ophelie finds meaning in volunteering at an outreach centre and working nights helping homeless people on the street. Then Ophelie finds a note in her husband's old coat. It is from Andrea, asking him to leave Ophelie as Andrea is pregnant with his baby, who is now a year old. Ophelie sinks back into depression and cuts Andrea out of their life. Matt's son turns up, and tells him his mother told them that Matt stopped caring not the other way around. Ophelie, Pip, Matt and Matt's two kids, go to the snow together, where Matt kisses Ophelie. Then while working, Ophelie is shot. She nearly dies and then in her hospital room, Matt proposes. Ophelie accepts and the pair get married.

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