Friday, 22 July 2011

The Replacement - Breanna Yovanoff (2010)

(I know...there's already a post about this, but I'm blogging about every novel I read and a second opinion can't hurt)

I quite liked this book. I loved the main character Mackie, and how he freely admits his inadequacies which makes him a really likeable and empathetic character. I'm also happy to read anything that reaches out of the paranormal genre. The premise was very different, though very convoluted and desultory. It's written in such a way that I really thought it was a translation, until I looked it up and found the author is American. So, extra points for originality.

Also the copy I read was the UK edition, but I love the American cover and how relevant it is to the subject matter. I'm yet to understand why they changed it.

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