Friday, 22 July 2011

Persistence of Memory - Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (2008)

I bought this because it was like seven dollars. That's pretty much the only motivation. Surprise, surprise yet another of the YA paranormal genre.

I quite liked this, it's all right. The main character is intriguing, but I hate how the author named the male love interest Sassy. Can't say I recommend this, but if you love paranormal fiction, go for it.

A girl named Erin has been having schizophrenic episodes for most of her life. She's managed to find a cocktail of medications that allow her to suppress her violent alter-ego Shevaun and is trying to assimilate into full-time school. Turns out, Shevaun is actually not an alter-ego, but a 500-year-old vampire with a witch for a lover. When Erin wakes up in Shevaun's body, the witch Adjila discovers the connection between the pair and seeks to sever it.

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