Friday, 1 July 2011

Passion - Lauren Kate (2011)

I bought this as soon as I could, there's nothing I anticipate more than a good sequel. I don't know if you've noticed, but by walking into the young adult section of just about any book-store, you are confronted with a realm of paranormal fiction. I personally hand all credit to Ms Meyer. I've tried a good chunk of this genre, and this series is one of my favourites. It's about a fallen angel, Daniel who is cursed to fall in love with the soul of mortal Lucinda Price for eternity. Only thing is, she can't live past seventeen, and he has to watch her die countless times over millennia.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone (well any girl) who loves a good romance with a supernatural twist. It's nothing like Twilight, so don't even try to use that as an excuse not to read this great series.

And to add to the excitement, The Fallen Series has been optioned by Disney. (The storyline is quite dark at times, so this will be interesting...) Some rumours surrounding casting include Aussie Liam Hemsworth as Daniel. The screenplay is being written as I write this and the author Lauren Kate is consulting.

At the end of the second book (Torment), Luce climbs into an Announcer in order to time-travel and find a way to end the curse. In Passion she jumps back in time with a guide, visiting various forms of herself and Daniel. Daniel follows Luce, chasing her through their past lives. Luce also tries her hand at cleaving, that is binding with her past self to experience their life with Daniel. It turns out that her "guide" is actually Satan, who is trying to convince Luce to set Daniel free and then Daniel will finally choose evil over good, but Luce meets Daniel and all of those thoughts are erased. Daniel decides to go back to their first relationship, but is tricked by Satan and is taken to Heaven where he made his choice, not good or evil, but love. Satan's back-up plan is to erase all time, including all the discoveries that Luce has made and this is where the novel ends.

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