Saturday, 2 July 2011

City of Fallen Angels - Cassandra Clare (2011)

I read this on recommendation from my boyfriend who lent me the series. This is the fourth in an intended trilogy which is becoming a hexology. It is yet another from the paranormal genre, but it is topping my list for this genre at the moment. Like the previous novel I blogged about its focal characters are Nephilim or part-angels. Though in this series you also stumble across vampires, werewolves and fey. 

This book (and its prequels) all definitely get my tick of approval. It also has mutual appeal for guys and girls. I think we can safely attribute this to the clever balance between romance and fantasy. 

Strangely all the books I've read recently have or are going to have movie/TV adaptations. This series is no exception. An American movie company has announced that they are going into production on a Mortal Instruments film, based on City of Bones with Scott Stewart directingLily Collins has been cast as Clarissa Fray and Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland.
In the preceding book, Clary and Jace have realised they are not brother and sister and their relationship can go ahead. But Jace is distancing himself from Clary, because he is being plagued with dreams in which he kills Clary. Jocelyn and Luke are getting married. Simon is dating Maia and Isabelle simultaneously whilst avoiding telling his mother that he is a vampire.  Shadowhunters are being found brutally murdered and the Clave investigates. Simon is propostitioned to join a vampire alliance, since he is untouchable due to his Mark of Cain.He is attacked several times, each resulting in the vanqusinshing of his attacker. He moves in with a werewolf named Jordan, who is Maia's ex-boyfriend who bit and turned her. Simon bites his band's only fan, Maureen, but Jordan manages to stop him. She is kidnapped, and ransomed as his girlfriend. When Simon checks on Clary, Maia and Isabelle he is at ease. Then a vampiric Maureen leads him away to Lilith, the creator of all demons. She has Sebastian, who is suspended between life and death. Since his resurrection. Lilith has been controlling Jace , who appears with a blade at Clary's throat. If Simon gives his blood to Sebastian, he will live and Clary is the bargaining chip. But Clary slits the rune that binds Jace to Lilith and he is regained. A fight ensues, and as Lilith is about to stab Clary, Simon slides in between the pair and the Mark of Cain kills Lilith. All seems to work out well, until they all leave Jace alone with Sebastian. Jace's rune heals and Sebastian beckons him. 


  1. I got the audiobook version of CoFA. This was an excellent recording. I don't know why a lot audiobooks aren't treated like a music recording. I hate getting one that sounds like it's in a can or has a lot of noise in the background. Sometimes the VoiceOver talent isn't very good but a good recording can compensate. The City of Fallen Angels audiobook should be the standard for the format. It was recorded well.